Do you know about Managed Print? What’s your printing strategy? How much do you spend annually on printing? Who is responsible for managing your print infrastructure? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you aren’t alone. Yet, many businesses spend as much as 15% of their annual revenue on printing.

Fraser’s Real MPS Results Include:

  • Proactive fleet maintenance & repairs
  • Automatic fulfillment of printer supplies
  • Improved printer security to protect data from cyber attacks
  • Improved workflow efficiency
  • Eliminate IT staff’s involvement in printer-related tasks
  • Up to 30% in cost savings
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Isn’t it time to take control of your printing?
Managed Print Services (MPS) is a verified solution that streamlines your print infrastructure and can actually reduce your printing costs by as much as 30%, according to IT analyst firm, Gartner. Fraser offers its MPS customers a specific and proven way to optimize, manage, and improve your printing processes. These services ensure not only that your print fleet of printers, copiers, multifunction printers, scanners, and more are all working at peak effectiveness, but also that your business saves time, money, and resources. It really is a win-win.

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Mobile Printing

The modern workforce is a mobile one. Whether traveling for business or working off hours to meet deadlines, the average worker needs to be able to access all aspects of their office’s technology—including the printers—at all times. As part of our MPS solution, we offer a mobile printing strategy that allows you to print over WiFi without installing print drivers to personal devices or having to physically connect to your company network. It makes for seamless, easy printing from anywhere in the world, helping businesses be more efficient and productive.

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Follow Me Printing

For many businesses, documents left unclaimed on a printer account for a significant amount of lost revenue. Follow Me printing is one way to not only regain control of this lost revenue but also to add a layer of security to your print environment. The simple two-step process starts with a user initiating a print job from any workstation, as they normally would. That user simply needs to be present at the designated printer and authenticate the job before it prints. Authentication can be via a passcode entered into the control panel, a scanned badge or card reader, or even via mobile device for on-the-go mobile printing.

Follow Me printing is an everyday solution to combat the thousands of pages that go unaccounted for at printers every year. It’s great for universities, schools, or libraries looking for authentication applications that track and can charge users per printout. For companies working with highly-confidential data on a regular basis such as government agencies, healthcare institutions, and legal organizations, Follow Me printing is a way to increase the security of your print environment. Organizations that implement Follow Me printing will see reduced costs and environmental impact.

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Rules-Based Printing

Set the parameters of your out-of-control office printing by establishing default rules for your print environment. These rules establish a guideline that your staff is required to follow, determining what can be printed, which devices may be used, and by whom. Doing so ensures your printers are used properly rather than being abused, keeping costs down.

Some rules we can help you implement include:

  • Mandatory duplex (front and back) printing
  • Mandatory black and white printing
  • Restrict printing of emails
  • Regulate printing privileges by roles in your company (ex: only marketing can print in color)
  • And more


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