At Fraser, our goal is to make your ordinary office smart. But it doesn’t end there. Determining the best solutions for your business that help you maximize efficiency, cut costs, and drive sales is what we do best. Consider the following options and contact us for next steps.

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Printers & Copiers

Document imaging remains to be a driving force for businesses across Pennsylvania. Ensuring you have the right equipment on hand is an essential element of your business strategy. But, did you know that the right equipment can make or break your workflows and your bottom line?

That’s where Fraser can help. We partner with industry powerhouses like Sharp, Canon, Lexmark, and HP to transform businesses like yours into the smart digital office environments necessary to be competitive and successful in today’s market. Our state-of-the-art printers, multifunction printers, production printers, and wide format printers provide modern convenience and efficiency at affordable price points.

Check out the difference between the machines by clicking each of the tabs below and contact us to discuss a customized solution for your unique business needs.



There is a variety of printer options available to meet your office’s demands. The key to maximizing your ROI is to ensure you purchase the right devices based on your needs, and Fraser can help you do just that. Whether you need to make a choice between monochrome and color, determine how many team members need to share one device, or anything in between, we can help.

Fraser’s Printers Provide You With:

  • An affordable solution


  • Increased data security


  • Convenience


  • Ease of reading versus the on-screen alternative


Our expert sales representatives will analyze your workflows to advise you on affordable print solutions that make sense. Get started today.

Multifunction Printers

Today’s multifunction printers (MFPs) are a far cry from the copiers of the past. Not only do they support print, scan, copy, and fax capabilities, but they also support a variety of business applications and finishing features that streamline workflows and make your job easier. Easily scan to your email or to the cloud, set secure printing rules to control access to confidential data, or launch other business applications with these office workhorses.

MFPs Help Your Office By:

  • Providing an all-in-one solution that fulfills your digital office needs
  • Improving workflows with scan-to-email, remote printing, file sharing, and more
  • Catering to your unique business processes with applications, just like your smartphone
  • Connecting your team to information easily and securely

Make the most of your investment by working with Fraser’s experts to determine how these versatile machines can meet – and exceed – your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Production Printers

Production printers are designed to tackle high-volume printing projects that would otherwise drain your MFP of toner or require trips to your local print shop. Print manuals or booklets with ease while capitalizing on your production machine’s enhanced speeds and superior finishing options.

Production Printers Are Perfect For Your Business If You:

  • Regularly produce manuals, booklets, or other volume-heavy materials
  • Rely on variable data-based mailings and projects
  • Need to streamline heavy print workflows
  • Want advanced color control or need to print on varying card stock sizes

Enjoy the flexibility needed to produce professional-grade outputs from the comfort of your office. Contact us today to get started.

Wide Format Printers

Go beyond 8.5” x 11” with an in-house wide format printer. Some projects require large or oddly-sized outputs, but our top-notch wide format devices make printing documents like architectural designs, charts, graphs, and more easy. Outsourcing these jobs can be costly, and waiting in a print shop’s queue can be frustrating and time consuming. Alternatively, bringing a wide format printer in-house saves you time and money. Our wide format experts will help you set up and optimize your new device, maximizing your investment.

Benefits of a Wide Format Printer Include:

  • Save time and money by avoiding outsourcing
  • Flexibility in output size—you are limited only by your imagination
  • Reliable, fast production speed
  • Detailed graphics and crisp text that produce beautiful, professional results

Contact us today to find the right wide format printer for your business needs.

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Say goodbye to unproductive copiers and printers and the frustrations that come with them. Embrace a solution that understands and meets your business needs, enhancing productivity and peace of mind.


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Smart Connect Unified Voice

Does your business need to improve its internal and external communication methods? If you feel confined by your current phone systems and communication tools, Fraser Advanced Information Systems has a secure, scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solution that will bring your office communication into the 21st century—Smart Connect Unified Voice.

From hosted private branch exchange (PBX) phone services to hosted fax to Unified Communication tools, our complete suite of cloud communication solutions is designed to help you grow your business. These solutions take your existing communication tools to the next level by expanding on standard telephony features, while reducing the costs and restrictions of on-premise solutions. Outsourcing the hosting of these services eliminates installation, operation, and maintenance fees and simplifies adding or removing additional users. Moreover, using any internet connection, Fraser’s Smart Connect Unified Voice solutions allow users to easily connect with coworkers and customers alike—whether at the office, at home, or while traveling.


Managed Print Services

What’s your printing strategy? How much do you spend annually on printing? Who is responsible for managing your print infrastructure? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you aren’t alone. Yet, many businesses spend as much as 15% of their annual revenue on printing.

Isn’t it time to take control of your printing?
Managed Print Services (MPS) is a verified solution that streamlines your print infrastructure and can actually reduce your printing costs by as much as 30%, according to IT analyst firm, Gartner. Fraser offers its MPS customers a specific and proven way to optimize, manage, and improve your printing processes. These services ensure not only that your print fleet of printers, copiers, multifunction printers, scanners, and more are all working at peak effectiveness, but also that your business saves time, money, and resources. It really is a win-win.

fraser doc workflow

Document Workflows

Fraser’s document workflow solutions enable your office to work smarter, not harder. By digitizing your paper-based processes and automating manual tasks, your team will be more productive and bottlenecks will be eliminated. Consider the number of paper-based redundant, manual tasks your office is responsible for in their daily operations. How much faster would your team accomplish their work if those paper-based tasks were not only made digital but automated as well?

Seamless workflows are possible with our document workflow solutions. These solutions enable your company to:

  • Design rules-based routing systems to streamline document handling procedures
  • Generate automatic reminders of due dates and deadlines
  • Increase employee accountability
  • Empower employees to manage their own tasks
  • Enhance your team’s internal communication

fraser doc workflow

Contact us today to start improving your business’s efficiency and streamlining processes with our dedicated document workflow solutions.

Digital Signage

With a variety of screen sizes that go up to 80”, the Sharp Aquos Board interactive touch system provides a wide range of customizable features from screen size to software. It is specifically designed for smooth and effortless communication and collaboration between departments or offices. The Aquos Board’s new technology allows for multiple users to make edits and interact with the board simultaneously. Furthermore, Sharp offers digital pens that allow for you to customize the size, shape and color of individual users so any note or annotation can be identified and tracked back to the correct user.

Interactive touch displays like the Sharp Aquos Board offers unique opportunities for collaboration. Notes and annotations can happen in real-time from multiple users in separate locations. This empowers companies to brainstorm and communicate more efficiently and effectively between departments and locations.

The Sharp Aquos Board is also fantastic for setting up and managing meetings between numerous locations. The display projects smaller sections to feature video feeds from different locations so meetings can be more engaging and authentic.

Contact us today to set up your demonstration.

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Technology Life Cycle

Improve Your Technology Management

  • One contact for your procurement, deployment, support, and technology
  • Reduces procurement-to-deployment cycle time through our best practices
  • Increases your end-user productivity via on-site support and remote manageability
  • Ensures system compatibility and continuity through standardization of technology
  • Reduces your service requests through current technology
  • Asset management via monthly reporting
  • Training for your staff on their new business technology tools
  • Reduces ownership of obsolete equipment

Green Toner Recycling Program

Many companies today are seeking toner recycling programs as part of Green or Environmental Stewardship programs to reduce their ecological footprint.  At Fraser, recycling your toner couldn’t be easier.  Our innovative recycling program is designed to ensure that every component is either remanufactured or recycled.

How It Works

Fraser’s customers contact our supplies department and can opt to receive free, pre-paid shipping labels and packaging that can be used to return all used toner cartridges for recycling.  The program doesn’t only collect a range of printer cartridges from national printer brands like Brother, HP, Dell, Sharp and Canon, but also collects electronics such as cell phones, tablets and iPods.  Simply pack up what you choose to recycle and we’ll take care of the rest!  Pallet pickup is available for shipments of 300 used cartridges or more.

Participants in this program receive a certificate of participation and an annual sustainability report to keep track of their progress.  The report includes an impact summary that describes the total quantity of toner cartridges recycled as well as their weight.  Because that often doesn’t really describe what the environmental impact is, we include equivalent statements that help you quantify to your company just how effective your recycling efforts are to encourage participation.

Together we can significantly lessen our impact on the environment.  Take a step towards a greener office today!

Fraser Green Toner Recycling Program

Contact us today to learn more about our toner recycling program and get your materials to get started!



Before Fraser, we would buy toners from a company, and they would come in and fix our printers.  But then we would be charged for all of the parts.  With the print management program and the Global Support Center from Fraser, I don’t have to make support calls, because they are already notified by email when a printer is down.  My job consists of a lot of things.  I’m running all the time and very rarely have time to do much of anything.  With Fraser and their Global Support Center, they make it so I don’t have to worry about the little things.  Like with the printers, I don’t have to worry if the toner will be there on time because it’s shipped automatically.  I don’t have to worry if a printer goes down.  They are already scheduled to come out before we even call.

They supply us our toner, they fix our machines, and I don’t ever see a bill.  I don’t have to do meter readings anymore.  The only thing we get is a usage bill, so the less you use, the less you pay.  When I first found out about the print management program and their Global Support Center, I was very leery.  But with my representative from Fraser, the main thing he told me was that it would save me money.   With Fraser and their Global Support Center, my job has become much easier.  By saying that, I think anyone with more than ten printers in their company would definitely benefit from this program.

FL Smidth
I always receive excellent service from Fraser whether it is for service or ordering supplies. Fraser is the BEST!
Commonwealth Real Estate
I just want to say how pleased I am with the service we receive. Your supply representative was awesome in handling the request on the phone, and got someone out to us right away. The technician who came was very nice and extremely thorough. Thank you for your great service!
St. Luke’s Hospital
Our technician as onsite within a HALF HOUR of our email request for service. He was very thorough in explaining the causes of the error message and suggested creating a log of the instances should the problem arise in the future.
West Reading Borough
I don’t normally give all 10s on these surveys, but I have no choice here, since everyone deserves it. I already have my toner. My questions were all answered and when I was wondering if I should order toner now or wait, the representative didn’t push me to order, she just helped me decide. Great service all the way down the line!!!
Burkholder Brothers

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