Are you able to call your customers from your cell phone without giving them your personal phone number? Can you easily send a work-related fax from your tablet while waiting for a flight? Are your calls automatically transferred to your cell phone after hours? Can you check your voicemail via your email in-box? Are you able to receive text messages on your desktop from your customers? If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, you can benefit from Fraser’s Smart Connect Unified Voice solutions.

Smart Connect Unified Voice

Through modern cloud technology, our hosted PBX services ensure reliable, affordable phone features for businesses of all sizes by way of the internet. Hosted Fax is much the same, whereby you are able to fax documents via an internet connection, whether that be on your desktop, a mobile device, or a dedicated fax machine. Our Unified Communication service integrates all of your business communication efforts, offering a centralized location for not only your business phones, but desktop / mobile messaging, online meetings, and more.

The overarching question is: are your office communication tools working for you, or against you? If you think there’s room for improvement in how your business communicates, contact us today.



Hosted PBX

Enjoy clear, dependable business phone services—while minimizing equipment and maintenance costs—with Fraser’s cloud-based, virtual PBX phone solution. This internet-based phone system allows businesses of all sizes to implement modern calling features, such as on-hold music, auto attendants, call forwarding, conference calls, and more, while eliminating in-house upkeep and adding a vital element of professionalism to your business. Take your business phone system to the next level with all of the standard features you would expect to enjoy from your office phones and so much more!

Hosted PBX features include:

  • Unlimited Auto Attendants
  • Find Me – Follow Me
  • Call Forwarding
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Time-based Routing
  • Office Intercom
  • 3-way Conference Call
  • Conference Bridge
  • Custom Music-on-Hold
  • Call Detail Reporting
  • E911 Support
  • Wide Selection of Phones and Devices
  • And Much More!


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Smart Connect Unified Voice

Hosted FAX

Business owners and employees alike know that faxing remains to be an important aspect of everyday, modern work. However, relying on traditional faxing services, which typically require on-premise servers, is an expensive, antiquated business decision. By moving your office faxing efforts to a cloud-based, hosted fax solution, you can avoid the cumbersome hassles of conventional faxing, while lowering costs, gaining mobility, and increasing document security. The best part? If you can send an email, you can utilize Fraser’s hosted fax solution. It really is that easy.

Fax features include:

  • Superior HTTPS Technology
  • Fax Over Any Internet Connection
  • Fax to/from Desktop
  • Fax to/from Fax Machine


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Unified Communication

If you are looking to integrate all of your office’s business communication tools, our Unified Communication solution can help. Consolidating your various communication devices and applications ensures that these tools can be used simultaneously or consecutively through one, all-encompassing interface. Adopting Fraser’s Unified Communication solution as a business communication tool will maximize communication among staff and customers, enhance collaboration among teams, and maximize employee productivity.

Unified Communication features include:

  • Desktop and Mobile Messaging
  • Inbound Call Management
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Call History
  • Call Recording Management
  • Call Center Console
  • Desktop Video and Collaboration


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Great job as always! Whether calling for service or supplies, your representatives are great, and I get what I need in a very timely manner. Thanks for a job well done everyone!
Lehigh Valley Health Network
The technician and his assistant that was with him were very friendly and informative. They were here in a timely manner which was awesome! Great experience for my first service call!
Garnet Valley School District
Thank you so much for your very prompt service. It was Holy Week and we have A LOT of copying to do. The last thing I needed was the copier to conk out on me. Your response time was incredibly fast. Our technician is always knowledgeable and efficient. He did a complete maintenance, and we have no squeaking or muddy looking copies since. Thank you!
St. John's Lutheran Church
Our technician is extremely polite and very service-focused. It is so uncommon in this day and age to see people who love their job as much as he does. Fraser has one of the best teams of workers that I see – everyone gets along well, and everyone stays at the company for a long time. They love where they work. Our technician sets an all-new example and takes a great deal of pride in what he does.
Optimum Contols Corporation
Everyone at Fraser has jumped on any question I have had, and I appreciate that. Things can get complicated really quickly, but they put me at ease and help me out each and every time.
JS Held

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