Get peace of mind with a self check-in and temperature screening tool

LivMote™ is designed to deliver a fast, safe and reliable temperature and face mask screening that is contactless, minimizing the need for staff to take temperatures manually with a hand-held, forehead thermometer.

  • Precise temperature screening
  • Customizable screening process
  • Contactless
  • Instant alerts and notifications
  • Automate screening data logs
  • Privacy and security first




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Powerful Capabilities

  • Starts Automatically
    Detects people in close proximity (within 3 feet), starting the screening only when the user is in the right position
  • Anti-microbial, no-touch surface
    Completely touchless experience combined with a protective anti-microbial film
  • Zero touchpoint, away from staff
    Visitors and staff can use personal smartphones and mobile web app for self check ins and screening questions.
  • Accurate and fast
    Intelligent infrared sensor provides a temperature check in 0.2 seconds with accuracy (±0.5°F in optimal conditions)
  • No facial recognition needed
    RFID/NFC and QR reading allows staff and visitors to log their screening without relying on facial recognition
  • Staff privacy and data security
    Best-in-class data security standards, and works with compliance policies in CCPA, GDPR and HIPAA.
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Eliminate Manual Reporting

With LivMote™, there is no need to assign staff to take temperatures manually or monitor compliance. The platform, built on Microsoft Azure, gives you full control of compliance policies, alerts and notifications, and reporting. It can also integrate with your existing systems.

LivMote™ records each screen and interaction, with auditable data logs and auditable compliance reports, all customizable to your data privacy policy and internal requirements.


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Data Privacy and Security

As with all of our solutions, data privacy and security is of the utmost concern. With LivMote™, rest assured you have best-in-class data security including:

  • AES-256 encryption and HTTPS/TLS 1.2 encryption over Port 443.
  • Cloud platform built on Microsoft Azure.
  • Multiple levels of account security and data-access permissions to ensure data doesn't get into the wrong hands.
  • Security mount prevents unauthorized removal and has a built-in tamper detection mechanism to detect root access.
  • Works with HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA compliance policies.
  • Regular firmware and security upgrades.


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Great job as always! Whether calling for service or supplies, your representatives are great, and I get what I need in a very timely manner. Thanks for a job well done everyone!
Lehigh Valley Health Network
The technician and his assistant that was with him were very friendly and informative. They were here in a timely manner which was awesome! Great experience for my first service call!
Garnet Valley School District
Thank you so much for your very prompt service. It was Holy Week and we have A LOT of copying to do. The last thing I needed was the copier to conk out on me. Your response time was incredibly fast. Our technician is always knowledgeable and efficient. He did a complete maintenance, and we have no squeaking or muddy looking copies since. Thank you!
St. John's Lutheran Church
Our technician is extremely polite and very service-focused. It is so uncommon in this day and age to see people who love their job as much as he does. Fraser has one of the best teams of workers that I see – everyone gets along well, and everyone stays at the company for a long time. They love where they work. Our technician sets an all-new example and takes a great deal of pride in what he does.
Optimum Contols Corporation
Everyone at Fraser has jumped on any question I have had, and I appreciate that. Things can get complicated really quickly, but they put me at ease and help me out each and every time.
JS Held

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