Production Printing – Why In-House Options May Be Right For Your Business

While the internet, TV, video and social media can disseminate your company's message across many channels, printed collateral still plays a big role in branding for businesses.  Posters, flyers, brochures, infographics and direct mail are all used to help convey the benefits of a business to potential customers.  The cost of outsourcing these jobs often limits companies in the amount of branding they can commit to.  But investment in production printing in-house may be the answer to these challenges.  Here are [...]

How Much Does a Copier Cost?

It's the one question asked most often by nearly every customer looking to purchase a new copier.  How much does a copier cost?  It's what we all ask when we're making a large purchase.  And then you hear those two dreaded depends. "Seriously?", you think.  "I'm sure they're just saying that to make me pay more.  They probably have a price book right there in their briefcase or on their phone or iPad!  Why can't they just tell me?!" To [...]

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Wide Format Printers – What You Need To Know

As with most technology, wide format printers have evolved over the years, increasing their value as everyday office tools. Some recent advancements in wide format printing include: Print speed - While wide format printers enable users to print in sizes not available with traditional printers, this freedom comes at a cost: speed. However, modern wide format machines are faster than ever and are no longer the lumbering devices their predecessors were. Print sizes – With wide format printing growing in popularity, so has [...]

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Should You Bring Your Print and Color Production In-House – YES!

That great new marketing piece you've been slaving over for weeks is finally approved and completed.  Sales is chomping at the bit to get their hands on it and make money.  But you are playing the waiting game - sent to the printer, waiting for proofs, finalizing copy and color and hopefully getting back that amazing piece that you imagined.  Bringing your printing and color production in-house could be just the solution you need!  Here are some great reasons to bring [...]

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