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Online Scams – Managed IT Services Help You Avoid Them

Cybersecurity is one of the hottest topics in any business setting.  With the massive amounts of data that business have on hand, from financial data to personal employee records, all businesses have to protect themselves from online scams.  The threat of online scams is visible every day.  We often hear about the large company data breaches such as Marriott and Facebook.  But the small and medium businesses are at as much risk.  According to Small Business Trends, 43% of all cyber [...]

Combat Socially Engineered Cyber Attacks

Social engineering is a modern-day method of attack that uses social conditioning and the naive nature of humans to infiltrate networks, gain access to systems and steal confidential information from organizations and businesses.  It isn't the tech-savvy hacker who figures out how to get around the firewall and crack passwords.  This is someone who uses the art of persuasion and uses it to manipulate employees - even yours! - into giving out passwords and unlocking confidential corporate and customer information. [...]