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Color Printing on the Rise

Color Printing Color printing continues to play a huge role even in our increasingly digital world in which we do business.  Not only are workers still printing in color, but the amount of color printing taking place in American businesses is on the upswing.  In a recent survey by Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends, nearly 50 percent of general office workers in the United States said the amount of color printing required for their jobs is increasing.  This increase is most common [...]

Print Environment Security – Why You Need to Include It In Your Cybersecurity Strategy

With the ongoing occurrences of cybercrimes and the various news cycle that follows them, businesses are aware of the threats out there .  While many businesses have security in place for their computers, networks and servers, they often overlook a growing threat to their information technology environment - print environment security.   A recent survey  indicated that approximately 60 percent of the businesses interviewed had experienced a security breach involving their printers.  Hackers and cybercriminals are aware that printers pose a [...]

Cheap Inkjet Printers Cost Your Company More Money

When it comes to purchasing printers, many companies follow a similar formula.  Go online or to a big box store and pick up a small, inkjet printer at $79.99.  Seems easy, and surely cost-efficient.  You can't beat $79.99!  Now your assistant can print right at her desk, and you can get what you want from her so quickly.  Everyone's happy, right?  Let's take a look at the actual costs of an all-in-one inkjet printer versus a larger, toner-based multifunction device or [...]

Print Fleet Management – The Secret of REALLY Productive Companies

We've all experienced it.  You have a huge sales meeting with a potential new client in exactly one hour.  And at that exact moment, your MFP decides to malfunction and your IT staff has no idea how to fix it or any print fleet management.  Off you run to Staples to get it printed, risking being late to meet this amazing potential new client.  In the meantime, your competitor, who utilizes a managed print services partner to service their printers and [...]

How To Quantify Your Printing Costs

Do you know how much printing costs your business each year?  Any idea how to find out?  Despite the fact that much of the way we conduct business these days is done digitally, companies large and small still rely on printing.  In fact, it's a bigger expense than you would imagine.  Research shows the average company spends one (1) to three (3) percent of its total annual revenue on print expenses.  With this much of your budget going towards printing, it [...]

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Choosing Your Next Office Printer – What You Need To Consider

You’ve decided it’s time for a new office printer. Regardless of the why, before you begin looking for your new printer, take time to consider your office environment and its needs to help ensure you choose the right device. Having a clear understanding of what you expect from a printer and what type of work you will be doing with it will help you decide the type of device that best suits your needs. Are you only going to print documents [...]

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Mitigating Printer Security Risk In Your Office

Modern multifunction printers (MFPs) are equipped with internal hard drives, just like a computer. These hard drives capture and store the information from all of the documents that they process. Oftentimes, this information is sensitive data that could prove to be a printer security risk through your office printer, and could be a liability should it fall into the wrong hands. As is the case with computers, your printers are vulnerable to attacks from hackers once they are networked. Unfortunately, the [...]

How Does Your Office Rank When It Comes To Data Security?

Does your office take data security seriously?  See how your office stacks up with the average office in this interesting infographic from our partners at Sharp. As the MFP and printers become parts of the office's integrated document workflows and business processes, security becomes a serious concern.  Securely managing business and user data is critical for businesses to be successful.  Fraser addresses these concerns by providing a suite of integrated security features designed to help protect your information and document assets. [...]