How Much is Outdated Technology Costing Your Business?

Relying on outdated technology can cost your business in more ways than you think. Security:  Outdated technology will ultimately result in security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers, putting businesses at risk.  Older systems are often unsupported, leaving updated security patches unavailable for them.  In our previous blog post on three easy ways to be more cyber secure, updating patches was one of the easiest ways! Productivity:  Whether it is hardware or software, older applications and systems are more likely [...]

Disaster Recovery – Statistics, Return on Investment and Your Business’s Exposure

With disaster recovery in a constantly changing world of information technology (IT), new network security issues crop up on a daily basis.  While your business likely won't be the target of a state-sponsored hacking effort from Russia, any business that relies on IT (or all of them!) to manage their information and data is at risk.  And network security issues may not surface on the day they happen.  It can sometimes be days or even weeks before you or your IT [...]

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Toner Recycling – Is Your Business Recycling Its Print Cartridges?

Ever thought about toner recycling?  What happens to all those used cartridges your office uses?  If your office is like most, when an empty ink or toner cartridge is pulled from your printer, it ends up in the trash without a second thought.  Recently, however, it has become more commonplace for businesses to ride the green wave of environmental stewardship and take strides to reduce their ecological footprint.  These efforts including the recycling of used print cartridges rather than disposing of [...]

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How Much Does a Copier Cost?

It's the one question asked most often by nearly every customer looking to purchase a new copier.  How much does a copier cost?  It's what we all ask when we're making a large purchase.  And then you hear those two dreaded depends. "Seriously?", you think.  "I'm sure they're just saying that to make me pay more.  They probably have a price book right there in their briefcase or on their phone or iPad!  Why can't they just tell me?!" To [...]

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